What We Do

Eastbay REAP is a responsive lifelong learning organisation, whose purpose is to progress community development for our rural area.

We work to enhance learner identity, skills, confidence, and community wellbeing. We have a strong focus on relationships so we can be responsive. This means children, educators, parents, and whole communities help us create solutions based on their needs.

Early years learning opportunities, positive parenting messaging, child safety and whanau engagement projects.

  • Parenting skills, confidence, pre-school engagement and infant development learning supported in the home.
  • Cultural identity, curriculum, and literacy support for teachers in all forms of early childhood and schools.
  • Transitions support to help whanau move between learning environments and stages at all ages.
  • Whanau and youth engagement to increase participation in education and reduce risk of disengagement.
  • Alternative education (Āpiti Hou) services for disengaged youth in Whakatane to get them back into school.
  • Community hub and partnership brokerage through schools, learning centres, Heartlands offices, and marae.
  • Adult (16+) literacy, language and numeracy provision to build functional skills to engage in everyday life.
  • School leaver Unit Standards achievement to progress their learning and move them on to further learning.
  • Adult digital skills and pathway planning to further study, relevant industry careers and social contribution.
  • Regional professional development and training for local tutors and educators to embed best practice standards.
  • Community events and joint ventures that make use of our sector expertise across the lifelong learning span.